State Highway Consensus List

The LCTA State Highway Consensus Widening List was the outcome of the July 12, 2006 Transportation Summit of Lake County elected officials. The Consensus Priority List consists of 22 needed state highway capacity improvements. An "add-lanes" highway project typically takes several years of study and engineering to properly address roadway design, drainage, environmental, municipal, and public coordination issues. 

Most people do not realize how involved and lengthy the process is for an add-lanes highway project. The process is divided into three sequential phases:

  1. Phase I-preliminary engineering
  2. Phase II-design engineering and right of way acquisition
  3. Phase III-construction. Funding is provided by IDOT by phase

In addition to the 22 add-lane projects, the US Rte 41 corridor study identified 10 locations for intersection/interchange improvements, which are also now contained as a part of the Consensus Priority List.

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) tracks the progress of the funding provided to implement the Consensus Priority List for LCTA.  See October 2013 Consensus Priority Map and May 2015 Consensus Priority List (updated from the 2013 version).