The business and affairs of the Corporation are managed by the Board of Directors. The Board's duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Interpreting the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws

  • Controlling the funds of the corporation and designating its depositories

  • Authorizing expenditures from the funds of the Corporation to implement its goals and purposes

  • Appointing or authorizing the appointment or employment of professional and administrative staff personnel, professional auditors, and others to assist in carrying out the purposes and resolves of the corporation

  • Determining compensation for services rendered or to be rendered to the Corporation by persons other than directors and officers of the Corporation in such capacities

  • Performing all other acts consistent with the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws that may be needed to carry out the purposes and resolves of the Corporation.

For questions regarding LCTA, contact (847) 597-1224.

LCTA Officers include:
Pete Manhard, President
Bonnie Thomson Carter, Vice President
Kent Street, Secretary/Treasurer

LCTA Executive Director:
Linda Soto

LCTA Board of Directors

LCTA's Board of Directors includes representatives from a variety of organizations spanning local government, economic development, private industry and labor organizations.  

Elected Members include:

Jeff Berman, Village of Buffalo Grove
Skip Goss, Waukegan Port District
Michael Walczak, Transportation Management Association of Lake Cook
Greg Koeppen, Lake County Farm Bureau
Peter Manhard, Manhard Consulting Ltd.
Ed Quant, Alter Group
Kent Street, Village of Deerfield
Bonnie Thomson Carter
Suzanne Zupec, Campanella and Sons

Permanent Members include:

Sandra Hart, Lake County Board
Leon Rockingham, City of North Chicago, Lake County CMAP Council of Mayors
Pete Olson, Lake County Building Trades Council
Kevin Considine, Lake County Partners
Steve Thelen, Great Lakes Construction Association


Ex Officio Member:

Shane Schneider, Lake County Division of Transportation