Safe Roads Amendment

There will be a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot this November that would require all transportation-related revenue to be dedicated solely to public highways, roads, streets, bridges, and mass transit.

If the Amendment passes, transportation funding will be secured, and we will have the chance to make long overdue investments in our infrastructure. If the Amendment fails, money for transportation will continue to be at the risk of mismanagement. To learn more about the Transportation Lockbox Amendment, visit

The following summary of documents and materials, complete with website links, was prepared for supporters of the transportation funding amendment to use as part of their outreach efforts. If you have any questions about any of the materials or links, contact us.


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Transportation photos:

If you'd like some high-quality photography to use to advocate for the transportation amendment, please contact us.

Additional materials, including employee emails, employee flyers and mailers, yard signs, press release, etc. are being developed. Please check back often for additional materials.