IL 120 West Lake County

The major highways that intersect with IL Rte 120 in Volo and Lakemoor, namely US 12, Gilmer Rd, Ellis Drive, Volo Village Rd and Fisher Rd, are not currently configured to serve the future regional and local traffic that will use these facilities.  Already, the fact that the intersections of Gilmer/IL 120 and US 12/IL 120 are too close together is a cause of the frequent congestion of westward flowing traffic. The Villages of Volo and Lakemoor are poised for development. Good planning work is needed to layout the future road plans to sync with the future development approvals.

The Lake County Division of Transportation has a comprehensive planning study underway, utilizing federal IL 120 corridor funds, in coordination with IDOT and the two villages to test various roadway options. The traffic volumes forecasted for the year 2040, along with the planned land use at that time, will determine the amount of traffic that needs to be accommodated.  Options for bypass routes or “ring routes” for local traffic may help reduce the heavy traffic flows, which otherwise would have to pass through the IL 120/US 12 intersection.

The study will culminate with recommended long-range roadway plans. The study may, or may not, show the need to construct any planned alternatives at this time. It will lay the foundation for both communities to incorporate alternative roadway plans through private development or if local funding becomes available. The most pressing need is to determine the future location of a relocated Gilmer Rd as that county highway would probably be the first improvement to be scheduled. The target for completion of the planning study is early 2016.