County-wide Bicycle and Trail Plan Implementation

Non-motorized modes of travel — bicycling, walking, and access to transit — are important components of Lake County’s multimodal transportation mix. Popular fitness literature is filled with articles about how Americans need to get out and walk and bike to lead healthier lives. This adds importance to having a way to safely walk or bike to destinations.

Regional trail planning and construction has a long history in the county starting with the Lake County Forest Preserve’s late 1970s work on the Des Plaines River Trail and the Lake County Division of Transportation’s work on the Robert McClory Bike Path. A county trunk bike path system is finally starting to appear “on the ground” as connections are made to the many trails being constructed by these and other agencies. Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation about Lake County DOT’s Non-Motorized Travel Infrastructure Investments.

Lake County municipalities now have the opportunity to provide residents non-motorized modes of travel as part of state highway and Lake County roadway projects at a small local cost. The complete streets policies that are driving these investments are now a regular part of the study phase process for planning roadways.

More and more of the 52 municipalities in Lake County have local trail plans and a program to have them implemented. LCTA advocates for new developments incorporating these features. More communities should be pursuing means to provide non-motorized modes of travel for their residents. Click here to view Lake County's 2040 Non-Motorized Plan.

Oddly enough, planning regional and local trails in the existing developed portions of communities is often a more arduous task than planning a widening of a regional roadway. Often this is because the existing public right of way is narrow to begin with and space for lanes, utilities, side slopes, curbs, and sidewalks/paths have to be balanced to minimize the need for additional right of way from adjacent residents. LCTA will follow and participate in planning in Lake County for non-motorized modes of travel. Click here to add your voice.